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The Producer


Sizzahandz has been producing music since 1991. From the days of the ASR-10 and early Macintosh computers Sizz always had a knack for the technical side of production. Embracing technology and the fact that "less is more", Sizz started putting records out in 1993 on NYC based Nervous & AV8 record labels with his partner DJ Riz as "The Crooklyn Clan". From 1993 to the present Sizz has released hundreds of club-based tracks that are worldwide staples in the club scene.

Sizz has had platinum and gold records including his biggest hit to date with his partner DJ Riz entitled "Be Faithful" featuring Fatman Scoop. He's done music for television and movies including a 2 minute Super Bowl commercial in 2019, music in the film "Save The Last Dance", plus tracks on many TV shows including Ellen (2x), Jimmy Fallon, and more.

Sizz is the undisputed #kingofthemashup. This means when he decides to combine music to make "blends" or "mashups" he's going to blow your mind. A dedicated section for his mashups and blends will be present on this site in the coming days, watch for it!

Check out DJ Premier of Gangstarr as he runs through a few of the many club hits produced by Sizz as Crooklyn Clan. Also check out what some other DJ's are saying about the world famous Crooklyn Clan DJ service!

Sizzahandz · Promo

You can also check out a few of Sizz's original works and remixes below..

Sizzahandz · Sizzahandz Tracks
The DJ

Sizzahandz has toured the world playing music since 1993.

As 1/2 of the production duo "Crooklyn Clan" Siz has blessed stages and DJ booths worldwide with his open format style of party rocking.

In NYC Sizz held down radio on 103.5 WKTU for 6 years (2000-2006) bringing a unique and different sound to the airwaves that kept listeners glued to the radio waiting to see what was going to happen next..

If you go out to listen to Sizz, expect to hear an eclectic blend of house, hip-hop, disco classics, funk, soul, and a mixture of obscure tunes meshed with some of your favorite songs.

Wet your whistle with these incredible DJ Mixes by the creator himself! We promise you won't be disappointed!!!

Sizzahandz · Sizzahandz DJ Mixes
The Tech Guy
The original "Crooklyn Clan Vault" launches on the world wide web in 2006

Sizzahandz is the creator and co-founder of the world famous Crooklyn Clan Vault. The Vault is the first of its kind digital music platform servicing DJ's globally with modified audio and video versions of music better suited for DJ play.

Sizz is constantly in production of new software to make the every-day tasks of the DJ that much easier, that much better.
Combining up to date technologies with music production, DJ'ing, and creating revenue streams for DJ's globally is, and will remain Sizz's lifelong mission.

In 2021, Sizz is working on and will release a new streaming platform for DJ's that will allow them to earn money for playing music from a remote location.

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